Bridging the ERP & CRM Gap

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Integrating CRM & ERP Software Solutions

Your ERP system manages your financials, inventory, distribution, payroll and more. Your CRM system manages customer/vendor relationships, sales processes, and marketing. In the past these solutions had been implemented and utilized seperately, but there are many reasons businesses should consider bridging the solutions together while leveraging the functionalities of each.

Lower Operational Costs:

By connecting your solutions you will be reducing manual labor hours. No more duplicate entries which will result in improved accuracy, reduction in write-offs, and lower overall shipping costs.

Improved Marketing/Customer Service:

Improve campaign targeting by gaining insight to the financial relationships and buying patterns of your current customers and potential prospects based on financial history, relationships, demographics, and buying patterns. Customer satisfcation will be improved by your ability to offer better and faster support for pricing, orders, and add-ons.

It's important to work with a partner with vast experience in both CRM and ERP arenas.

Understanding your various databases, financials, and processes are key to successful syncronization. 

Our professionals have decades of experience and expertise with the architecture and development of these enterprise software suites.  Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. We are eager to demonstrate how your business can grow from the increased profitability and productivity by bridging the gap between your CRM system and ERP suite. M/p>