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Faster, manageable and more reliable computing, that's the Citrix value!

Citrix is the expert in application and portal serving solutions. Citrix leads the industry in providing predictable performance and user experience-with a lower total cost. When applications, devices, operating systems and connections are diverse, computing environments are complex and the competition is fierce, By using Citrix, your organization can move to the next level of digital business - the Net-based level - for IT and end-user advantages you won't find anywhere else.

Citrix better utilizes network bandwidth, therefore application response time improves substantially and operating costs for remote application deployment are reduced. Citrix provides more efficient access to business-critical applications and data.

Microsoft Information

Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server embraces Windows Server 2003 as its core platform, and leverages new features such as software restriction policies, enhanced scalability, and group policy enhancements. MetaFrame XP extends Windows Server 2003, Terminal Server by offering a combined solution that offers improved flexibility, manageability and security benefits to provide joint customers with the ultimate access infrastructure solution. Together they provide a powerful solution for transforming your organization into an on-demand enterprise.