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Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

"Nearly 50% of all businesses who lose their data in a disaster never reopen their doors - and 90% are out of business within 2 years." The University of Texas Center for Research

Protect your business! Recovering from disaster, theft or disk crash can be devastating. Unless you are protected by a reliable and secure Continuity and Recovery Plan, the damage brought on by failure is irreversible.

We at Coe & Company provide 100% Industry Standard Planning & Protection Tools while minimizing downtime and lost data recreation costs. Regardless of your business size, we have a level of resources and safeguarding programs that will provide optimum results for your business.

The Coe & Company Continuity and Recovery Planning Program:

  • Conception of customized needs planning
  • Server and database audit/backup
  • Storage system management
  • Cross-Platform management
  • Regulated testing/maintenance