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Passkeys Replacing Passwords


Author: Stephanie Nelson/Monday, July 31, 2023/Categories: Security, Tech News

A passkey is a new type of login credential that removes the need for passwords. It is a cryptographic key pair that is stored on your device and used to authenticate you to websites and apps. Passkeys are more secure than passwords because they cannot be intercepted or phished. They are also more convenient because you do not have to remember them.

When you log in with a passkey, your device will generate a unique cryptographic signature that is sent to the website or app. The website or app will then verify the signature using your public key. If the signature is valid, you will be logged in.

Passkeys are still a relatively new technology, but they are gaining support from major tech companies. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all committed to supporting passkeys, and they are working to make them interoperable across their platforms.

Here are some of the benefits of using passkeys:

•    They are more secure than passwords.
•    They are more convenient than passwords.
•    They are easier to use than passwords.
•    They are interoperable across platforms.


If you are looking for a more secure and convenient way to login to websites and apps, then you should consider using passkeys. They are the future of passwordless authentication.


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