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Google's Android-Powered Glasses

Author: Sheri Mora/Wednesday, February 22, 2012/Categories: Mobile, Tech News

For about the same price tag of a Smartphone ($250-$600), Google Glasses will stream updates directly to your eyeballs!

The motion-sensored Android glasses (that's right, head tilt navigation) will come with a built-in GPS system and a low-res camera running on a 3G or 4G connection, plus have the ability to make and receive calls. Most Google software and apps will run via the glasses, also.

I don't even want to envision the convulsions you'd have to throw your body into to compose a text, though. Wait, if it comes with a calorie monitor, I just may be in!  

The Google X team members, who are also behind Latitude, Google's location-based check-in app, say the glasses are meant to be a wearable technology testing model (that anyone can participate in, for the price of the glasses), not necessarily a retail product, but I really don't see that happening. Just think of the recurring revenue: Insurance! Let's just hope it covers covers head-on collisions.


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