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With Sage Mobile Payments (video)

Author: Sheri Mora/Wednesday, February 8, 2012/Categories: Mobile, Sage


Sage Mobile Payments offers the most secure mobile solution in the industry and absolutely no additional processing fees. In other words, the rate you pay on a credit card terminal is the same rate you will pay on a cell phone whereas other providers will charge you a premium rate!  Sage offers end-to-end encryption starting from the card swipe all the way into our secured Sage Exchange network. Not all providers live up to this standard, but for Sage it's non-negotiable. Your business and your customers' credit card data is too important to not encrypt at all stages of a wireless transaction.

Benefits of using Sage Mobile Payments for your business:

• No additional fees for mobile transactions
• Opening up new sales opportunities at the trade show, in the field...on the go!
• Closing more sales while your customer is present
• A highly-secure, encrypted credit card reader so you get the lowest "card present" rates
• Works on 400+ mobile devices


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