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Government agencies and municipalities face the same daily challenges as any other business entity, but with additional requirements and commitments.   Microsoft Dynamics can handle all governmental entity needs, from basic everyday financial tasks to budgeting, fund accounting, encumbrances, grants, and requisitions with a multitude of specific modules focused on the needs of any government agency.

  • Budgeting – Track multiple budgets for multiple fiscal years in multiple funds and general ledger accounts.
  • Encumbrance Management – Control purchases by limiting purchases through encumbrance posting based on pre-set budgets.
  • Grant Management – Automate grant management processes to track funds more easily, demonstrate accountability, prevent overspending, and help attract future funding.
  • Interfund Management – Set up due to/from relationships between funds to automate and easily track the transfer of funds from one to another.
  • Requisition Management – Allow employees to request purchases to run their departments and use with workflow to maintain control of purchases by requiring approvals and automating the purchase process.

Also, seamless integration with third party applications allow for easy submission of payroll reporting required for government entities.

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