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Google Sheets Added Smooth Scrolling, Catching Up to Excel

Say Goodbye to Jumpy Scrolling

Author: Stephanie Nelson/Friday, April 5, 2024/Categories: Announcements, Information Technology, Local News, Tech News

Excel's smooth scrolling, introduced in August 2021 for Microsoft 365 users, was a game-changer for navigating large spreadsheets.  Now Google Sheets Finally Gets Smooth Scrolling - A Long-Awaited Improvement!

Previously, navigating with the scrollbar would often "snap" to the top of the next row or column.  Now it allows you to stop precisely where you need to, even in the middle of a tall row or wide cell.  If you have data with large text entries or merged cells, smooth scrolling lets you navigate within those cells without jumping to the next row.

The update applies to all Google Workspace tiers, including personal accounts.  It works seamlessly with all existing Sheets features, including frozen rows, hidden columns, charts, and more.  It functions smoothly with scrollbars in both new and existing spreadsheets.

Say goodbye to jumpy scrolling!  Navigate your spreadsheets with ease and precision.  Stop exactly where you need to, no more overshooting your target cell.


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