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Transform Your Company's Information Platform by Moving to SQL Server Today

Author: Mark Fernandez/Tuesday, June 18, 2013/Categories: Information Technology

Help protect your organization’s infrastructure with reduced downtime and performance that delivers greater availability, with a trusted platform and business partner, and an ecosystem of experienced vendors offered through Microsoft. SQL Server 2012 also allows you to gain a wealth of product improvements, planning tools, and licensing support programs to help you with the ever changing organization. A range of tools help make performance more consistent and predictable. The many new security features and enhancements of SQL Server 2012 make it even easier for organizations to meet security and compliance policies.

SQL Server 2012’s familiar, Office based tools deliver credible, consistent insights to all users through multiple Business Intelligence solutions. Reporting Services empowers real-time decision making, enabling operational reports printing and browser based viewing as well as data exploration and visualization. Analysis Services empowers you to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions for predictive analysis and interactive exploration of data. SQL Server 2012 Predictive Analytics combined with the simplicity and familiarity of Excel provide a highly advanced data mining solution. Big Data Solution allows you to unlock actionable insights from all your structured and unstructured data, and analyze that data with familiar tools that enrich the information by connecting to the world’s data and services. Data can also be streamed with Microsoft SteamInsight, by monitoring, analyzing, and acting on data in motion to gain insights from critical information in real-time.

Microsoft offers a complete data platform solution by combining SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure database service to create a modern Hybrid IT environment connecting on-premises to the cloud, including traditional applications, private cloud, and public cloud. Implementing a private cloud allows you to pool and consolidate databases, scale networks and storage resources, quickly deploy recourses on demand, and align IT to business priorities. Using SQL Server 2012 in the public cloud with the new Windows Azure virtual machine and the Windows Azure SQL database service, provides a fully managed data platform and infrastructure solution for your organization. The interoperability of SQL Server helps developers build secure, highly available and high performance applications in .NET, C/C++, Java and PHP, on-premises and in the cloud. Finally, SQL Server delivers expansive tools and capabilities enabling developers to build next-generation web, enterprise, and data-aware mobile applications on-site and in the public cloud.

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