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Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90/200) Business and Intelligence Reporting

Improve visibility throughout your business to make faster and more informed decisions

Author: Mark Fernandez/Monday, November 12, 2012/Categories: Information Technology, Sage, Tech News

Use Sage 100 ERP to get instant visibility across your business, boost productivity and improve your reporting, and create a comprehensive information management solution. Effortlessly create real-time,automated, and preformatted reports with up-to-date, accurate, and meaningful information. Streamline your managers’ day-to-day operational tasks by accessing information from multiple sources and consolidating data for them automatically. Customizable report generation, inquiry, analysis, and integration applications work seamlessly with your Sage 100 ERP to enhance functionality.

Sage Budgeting and Planning - Control budget process and bring insight to business planning
- Shorten budgeting/planning cycles to create more effective budgets
- Encourage collaboration across all lines of business
- Improve the flow of key information across all channels

Business Alert - Utilize your email system to issue alerts about significant incidents
- Auto communicate shipment/billing information to customers/vendors
- Notify staff of upcoming events/track important business functions
- Analyze data, monitor events, keep employees/customers up to date

Business Insights Explorer - Instantly access real-time, easy to understand business information
- Improve your business insights and turn data into useable knowledge
- User-friendly inquiry/analysis interface gives you access to information
- Personalize sorting, grouping, filtering, and charting capabilities
- Drill down to details and launch tasks to act on knowledge gained

Business Insights Reporter - Get answers to your business financial questions fast
- Standard pre-designed reports are available straight out of the box
- Easily create calculated fields and place them in reports
- Provides multiple levels of financial reports quickly and in real time
- Proactively manage costs and analyze sales and profitability

Business Insights Dashboard  - Specify which business financial information you want to see/access
 - Presents information in a high-level, attractive graphical format
 - Stay on top of critical business management information
 - Ensures you have the most accurate information at your fingertips

Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting - Easily obtain the information needed for operations/strategic planning
- Spend more time on analysis/interpretation and less time pulling data
- Analyze Sage 100 ERP data using the familiar look of Microsoft Excel
- Create reports with up-to-date, accurate, and meaningful information

SAP® Crystal Reports for
Sage 100 ERP
- Create and customize meaningful, presentation-quality reports
- Easily create meaningful business financial reporting and other reports
- Use straight out of the box/customizable reports to suit your needs
- The ODBC driver gives Crystal Reports direct access to Sage 100 data

For more information on how the features of Sage 100 ERP can benefit your business contact us.

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