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Surface RT Tablets Arriving in Non-Microsoft Retail Outlets

Microsoft is expanding its retail distribution of Surface Tablets to Staples, Best Buy, and possibly Walmart stores, which will give consumers more accessibility to the tablets, as well as boost the moderate initial sales.

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Don’t Let Complicated IT Efforts Get in the Way of Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a solution you can tailor to work the way your business does.
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Gives You a Solution You’ll Want to Use

Enjoy immediate success with a comprehensive ERP solution that allows you and your people to take full advantage of all of your business systems.
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Get Your People Working Together

Does your business have too many files and documents in too many different places? Do your employees struggle with communication? Microsoft SharePoint can solve these problems and more

SharePoint 2010 provides a central portal with credentials in a unified Microsoft Office format that offers compatibility and can be accessed by everyone across multiple locations.  Documents, spreadsheets, tasks, calendars, and more can be integrated into user-defined sites that allow easy management and provides the collaboration your team members need.

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Discountinuing Support of Products With Release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

With the upcoming release of Dyanmics GP 2013, Microsoft has announced the System Requirements, discontinued support and recommenations to prepare for. (Subject to Change)
Monday, May 14, 2012/Author: Sheri Mora/Number of views (4591)/Comments (0)/
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